Renovating is the process of improving a structure; everyone has a different reason for wanting to renovate. Sometimes it’s the simple need for a change. Do you need more room for the growing family? Do you hate your kitchen? Other times, the motivation is more practical. If you wake up one day with a puddle in the basement or a water-stained ceiling, you know you have to act fast. No matter what the reason , a number of factors need to be weighed when making a decision to renovate.

The value of renovation is in the eye of the beholder, but also in prospective buyers. Make a list of what your primary goals are for the renovation and your “must haves”. Evaluate similar type homes in your neighbourhood, and if after completing your renovation:will your home still be priced in the market for your area? Location is also very important, it may be wise to renovate given the location of your home (premium lot,picture view,lakefront, accessibility, etc).

Our homes are an important part of all our lives. Any renovation should provide a return on investment : you just need to weigh factors to see if removing is right for you, your family and your home. A successful renovation can be a dream comes true, but without careful planning and management, it can be a nightmare. Let us help, call us for some estimates, you might be pleasantly surprised


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